Of boats and helicopters

Welcome back for another year of pelagic survey blogging. All the crew and scientists are aboard our research vessel Árna Friðriksson and we have just left Hafnarfjörður, the new home of the Marine and Freshwater Institute, and heading towards our first station.

The crew and scientists of the first half of the survey.

We are one of five vessels from four countries (Norway, Greenland, Faroes Islands and Denmark), which will participate in the International Ecosystem Survey of the Nordic Seas (IESSNS). This is an extensive survey, probably one of the biggest in the world (approximately 3 million km2), which will gather information on the oceanographic conditions and the distribution and biomass of pelagic fish species inhabiting this area of the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. Progress of the vessels is available live online (https://skip.hafro.is/iessns).

Survey area and tracks of the five vessels.

Things have already gotten eventful as we had a visit from the Danish air force helicopter which is currently operating in Iceland. They are assisting the coastguard while part of the coastguard crew attends a flight simulation course in France. Three crew members of the helicopter were lowered onboard and retrieved as part of an training exercise


Danish Air force helicopter flying alongside.