This is the 8th year the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute participates in the International Summer Survey in Nordic Seas (IESSNS) along with vessels from Norway, Faroe Islands, and Greenland.

Aim of the survey is to investigate all the major players in the pelagic ecosystem from primary production to whales. The survey design includes transects and stations at predetermined locations. On the transects, we use hydro acoustics to measure abundance of blue whiting and herring, and whale sightings are recorded. We also continuously record temperature and primary production in the surface mixed layer, and luminescence at the surface. At stations, we collect zooplankton and fish larvae samples, preform surface trawling for mackerel, measure temperature and salinity from surface to 500 m, and collect water samples to measure chlorophyll and nutrients.

We left Reykjavík in the evening of July 3, heading northwest. Ahead are 30 days at sea where we will sample 80 stations and sail 6000 nmi.

You can follow our route here: http://www.hafro.is/skip/skip.html