Whales, Whales, Everywhere!

On board R/V Arna Fridriksson at 11:30pm July 30 2017. Location 62.38ºN – 37.48ºW

What a day we had today, started off with a purple sky, a beautiful sunrise and calm seas. Minke whales, fin whales, sperm whales and dolphins (likely white-beaked) and lots of unidentified whales. The sea was calm and the visibility so clear we could see blows up to 4km away so identification was not always possible. The sightings just kept rolling in with a total of 40 by the end of the day! This was the highest record of sightings per day we had for the trip. Greenland were really putting on a good show for us! We went to bed sun-kissed and smiling! Cheers Greenland, hopefully we’ll make it back someday!

Sperm whale, Physeter macrocephalus