The hydrographic probe

From Árni Friðriksson sailing along latitute of 70°N south of Jan Mayen.

As described in the blogpost Venjulegur dagur um borð the first task at each station is to lower the hydrographic probe to a maximum depth of 500m.

Water samples are taken at the maximum depth and on the way back up at 50m, 20m and 0m. The CTD sensor on the probe measures 6 times a second conductivity, density, temperature and pressure on the way up and down through the water collumn.

In the following clips can be seen how the probe is lowered and recovered from the ship. After the doors in the starboard side of the ship a telescoping arm extends out. The Probe is in lowered outside the ship. From there it begins its journey through the water collumn while information is sent through the wire it is attached to. A third clip shows how water samples taken from the bottles that where filled at the different depths. After the samples are taken the probe is prepared for the next dive.